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Educational licenses are available for €60. For more information please contact the support by email.

Note: A license includes updates up to version 3.9.

Upon ordering, you can directly pay on PayPal and will receive an email confirming your order. Once the payment is received, the plugin and your personal serial number will be emailed to you, normally within a few hours. However, please allow up to two business days since your order has to be processed manually.

Alternatively, you can also order by email.
Accepted payment methods: PayPal, international transaction (IBAN and IBC) or regular transfer (from germany).

Each license is bound to one MAC address (physical IP address). To find out the MAC of your PC, open a console (cmd) and enter "ipconfig /all". To find it out on linux, enter "ifconfig". You can bind the license to your bluetooth,wifi or any other ethernet adapter as long as its physical IP is shown in ipconfig. You can use a USB device as a dongle this way.

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